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Colour me Resilient

Which of these four colours would you choose?
If I also linked these words to the colours as a predominant temperament, would you still be happy with your colour choice?
Red = Focused;    Green = Supportive;   Blue = Analytical and Yellow = Expressive

If you really feel that the word does not suit you, pick the colour matching the word you think best describes your every-day temperament.

Next, take this Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

This highlights some areas where Resilience can be warn down (if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 1 through 6 and Resilience can be built UP if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 7 through 12.

Mind Chi is now conducting an impacting 1 hour session called ‘Colour me Resilient’ filled with 8 easily do-able and practical Resilience Strategies. Mentoring and sessions available by contacting



Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

                                                                                                                        28 days later            NOW         Resilience Scale:                                                                                         Yes        No         Yes     No                                                                                                            

  1. Do you often recall negative episodes that have occurred?
  2. Do you wallow in a negative situation?
  3. Do you feel that you are the ‘victim’?
  4. Do you think that negative is more real than positive?
  5. Do you lack the energy to want to try?
  6. Do you often use the words: ‘never’; ‘everything’; ‘always’?
  7. Do you feel that there is always a positive solution?
  8. Do you know that you will be able to manage?
  9. Do you mostly feel you are in control of yourself?
  10. Do you have ‘coping strategies’?
  11. Do you feel basically ‘hopeful’?
  12. Do you think in a realistically positive way?

Before filling in the 28 days later responses, please fold the right hand side columns over to cover your NOW! answers.

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