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Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

                                                                                                                        28 days later            NOW         Resilience Scale:                                                                                         Yes        No         Yes     No                                                                                                            

  1. Do you often recall negative episodes that have occurred?
  2. Do you wallow in a negative situation?
  3. Do you feel that you are the ‘victim’?
  4. Do you think that negative is more real than positive?
  5. Do you lack the energy to want to try?
  6. Do you often use the words: ‘never’; ‘everything’; ‘always’?
  7. Do you feel that there is always a positive solution?
  8. Do you know that you will be able to manage?
  9. Do you mostly feel you are in control of yourself?
  10. Do you have ‘coping strategies’?
  11. Do you feel basically ‘hopeful’?
  12. Do you think in a realistically positive way?

Before filling in the 28 days later responses, please fold the right hand side columns over to cover your NOW! answers.

For Mind Chi Sessions and Mentoring, please contact Vanda@MindChi.com

Would you choose UNhappiness?

Have you consciously thought about your place on this scale?

Heading towards JOY!

Heading towards JOY!










Where are you right now? Make a mark on the arc and then, where do you want to be?  Make another mark on the arc. If they are not very close together, then here is a very simple, yet powerful daily  8 minute routine which can dramatically move you towards more JOY in your life.

You may be the same as many people with whom I work / talk / mentor / share who are on the towards burnout side of the scale – they suffer from abuse of the 3 D’s – drugs, drink and depression.  The strain of stress is taking its toll and they are on the slippery slope downwards.

Please make yourself a nice cup of tea and listen (takes 23 minutes) to this interview with Helen Winder asking Vanda North about Mind Chi. Vanda explains the Mind Chi Basic 8 step routine and the attitudes which can put you in control of you and move towards the JOY end of the scale:  Vanda North is interviewed by Helen Winder